Access control and Identity management

Everyone needs an easy and secure access to:

  • Social, business and corporate WEB resources;
  • Payments and Finance accounts;
  • Cloud storages;
  • Remote Desktops;
  • Messengers;
  • IoT and connected devices.

However, everyone knows that:

  • Passwords are obsolete and dangerous;

  • Multi Factor Authentication is not convenient and expensive;

  • PKI is too complicated;

  • Viruses, Malware, Social Engineering and Key loggers attack our credentials.

         AccessHub addresses the challenge! We have implemented a truly password free Single-Sign-On solution with a strong certificate based authentication. Now you can use your personal certificate like a single trusted key to many digital resources. The corresponded secret key is generated randomly and stored in a protected memory of AccessHub secure client.

      As soon as you have your personal certificate generated and installed in an AccessHub secure client, you can easily connect it to as many different online resources as you want. To make this connection available you need to deploy one of AccessHub hardware or software backend appliances and activate PasswordFree SSO or Secure Remote Desktop option. The easier and faster way is to buy a subscription for those services via AccessHub MarketPlace which is available from any AccessHub Secure client.

        PasswordFree SSO service is providing connection to any online resources supporting OpenID-Connect, OAuth or SAML protocols. For example, it could be AWS, SalesForce, GoogleApps and many others.

       Secure Remote Desktop provide you with a secure access to any online resources and devices supporting remote access via RDP, VNC and SSH protocols.