PasswordFree SSO

  • This service implements a property of access control of multiple remote systems without any passwords. With this property, a user logs in with a personal certificate to gain access to a connected system.
  • It doesn’t require to support a certificate-based authentication by the connected system. But at least one of identity protocols like SAML, OAuth2 or OpenID Connect must be implemented.
  • The personal certificate is fully controlled by the AH secure client. This certificate is used for the strong user’s authentication on the intermediate PasswordFree SSO server. Then this server authenticates a user on the remote system.

How to start to use PasswordFree SSO?

1. You need to buy one of our secure clients.

2. You can either create your own services and manage access rights to them or to be connected to existing services if access rights were granted to you by your employer, partners, family members or friends.