Secure Remote Access

  • This service combines the functionalities of both the VPN server and clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.
  • Only AH client and any WEB browser are required for secure access to remote computers, servers or devices.
  • The full traffic encryption and strong user’s authentication implemented.
  • Different connections and users are supported by one appliance.

When purchasing this service, the user (the owner of the device)  receives the Personal Virtual Appliance.  It consists of:

1. the personal virtual VPN-server;

2. the Access Hub certificates authentication system;

3. the  conversion system of remote desktop connection protocols (RDP5, SSH, VNC);  

4. the Linux-base test remote desktop, including test set of applications (only for test purposes and demonstration of possibilities of the service).

The service allows to organize secure access to remote desktop, for example, for corporate employees. Interaction between the device and the server is organized via secured channel without human intervetion.


You don’t need to enter anything, you don’t need to use a password.

The owner of the service can manage the access rights to his Remote Desktops inside his VPN network (his appliance).  In order to give the access rights , add this device to the group and bind the device  to the Remote Desktop, which you want to give access to.  The owner of this device will be  able to connect to the Remote computer after updating of settings. To deny access, just remove this device from the group. The owner of this device is not able  to connect to the Remote Desktop anymore.

Strict conformity: 1 appliance – the added device. If the device is not added to the appropriate  group inside the service,  it can’t connect to the Remote Desktop.  Also, the owner of the device  can connect to the Remote Desktop, that was tied to the device.

The service is deleted permanently after the subscriptions expires(automatically), or  at the request of the user. To do this just select the Remove option.

There are only 3 steps to use the service:

1.  Plug in the device.

2.  Purchase the subscriptions to the service.

3.  Update the settings on the device.

 The appliance is ready for tests and administration.

How to start to use Secure Remote Access?

1. You need to buy one of our secure clients.

2. You can either create your own services and manage access rights to them or to be connected to existing services if access rights were granted to you by your employer, partners, family members or friends.