Dedicated VPN-on-Demand

You control your privacy. Only!

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Password Free Single-Sign-On

Strong authentication and access control with no any passwords!

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Secure Remote Desktop in any browser

No passwords, no traces, no confidential data on your PC!

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Dedicated secure file storage and private messaging

Control access to your digital assets and chats easily!

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AccessHub addresses the challenge! We implement identity management, strong multifactor authentication and many useful services without any passwords, complicated settings and risks to be compromised. Only you manage your digital privacy!  


What we do?

We are developing and selling the easy-to-use and secure access control system for multiple digital and WEB-based resources, assets and services without any passwords and complicated settings by using only one personal certificate in the well-protected environment.

Also, we are providing our customers with a subscription-based access to different value-added services on top of our access control platform. These services include:

Strong users authentication and access control system for digital resources and services with NO passwords, traces and complicated settings by using only one personal certificate in a protected environment.

Why AccessHub?

You fully control your digital privacy with  NO passwords, NO traces, NO complicated settings. Our approach is based on the smart management of personal certificates that is fully automated, secure and transparent for end-users. The personal certificates are used for user’s identification and strong, multifactor authentication instead of classical password-based methods. AccessHub effectively solves two main typical issues related with certificate-based authentication – a complexity of the deployment and security of private keys. Our customers could easily connect digital resources they are using to the AccessHub platform and enjoy the highest security level of the identity management and authentication. No passwords, No losses, No worries!

        Our advantages:

  •  Strong certificate-based authentication only.
  •  Secret keys never leave the very well protected memory of AccessHub secure clients.
  •  Entire authentication process, certificate management and channel protection are performed inside AccessHub secure clients.
  •  Only certified and well-protected VDS/VPS are used for AccessHub services from the best hosting providers.
  •  Only ports for VPN-connections are enabled for AccessHub services. No way to connect by SSH, WEB, Panels or any other ways

Our solutions for

What do we offer?

 The AccessHub system consist of AccessHub backend software (AHBES) and AccessHub middleware (AHMW). Both components could be delivered in a form of software packages as well as integrated with several secure hardware clients.  We offer different secure clients with a pre-integrated AccessHub middleware that suit best for different industries and scenarios of usage– USB-dongles, IoT controllers, ASICs, mobile applications.  We provide our customers with subscription based access to value-added services including Dedicated VPN-on-Demand, Password-free Single-Sign-On, Secure File Storage, Private Messaging, Secure Remote Desktop in any browser.

How to start to use AccessHub?

First of all, you need to obtain one of our secure clients with a pre-installed AccessHub middleware : Applications, Personal devices, IoT controllers, Chipsets. Then you can either create your own services and manage access rights to them or to be connected to existing services if access rights were granted to you by your employer, partners, family members or friends.